Five Year Whisky Club Membership

Odd Society is launching a unique program specially designed for whisky lovers. Members receive one 750 ml bottle of 46% abv single malt spirit/whisky every year for five years. Interestingly, and importantly, the whisky you receive each year is all from the same original batch. At the start of the program, you also receive one bottle of new-make, unaged spirit (for a total of six bottles). The idea is to follow the flavor maturation journey of a whisky, from new-make spirit to single malt maturity. 

A membership in the five year bottle club is $295 + tax and, you will receive six 750 ml bottles of spirit in total from the same original batch. This is a truly unique opportunity to follow and learn about whisky as it transforms through the magic of time and barrel aging. The label on each bottle will indicate the yearly milestone.

Upon order, Odd Society will contact you with an agreement to be signed, each member will later be contacted to arrange for their whisky bottle pick up from the distillery. For out-of-towners, both in BC and out of province, please choose the pick up option. We can ship the bottle to you. Shipping and handling charges will apply and will be charged separately at the time of shipping. For more information, please email 

Please join us on this exciting whisky journey.

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Shipping Options

Vancouver Area: Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster

  • Free Curbside Pick Up - Our staff will contact you to schedule your pick up within two business days
  • Free¬†Delivery -¬†Minimum Order $60.00 (Please note Free Delivery¬†¬†is calculated on the before-tax total)

Outside Vancouver Area and Rest of Canada:

  • Standard Shipping - $25.00
  • Free Standard Shipping Minimum Order  $125.00 (Please note Free Shipping is calculated on the before-tax total)
For more detailed information, please check our FAQ page.