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Robbie Burns Whisky


Our Robbie Burns whisky release is our first ever single barrel release, and our first five-year-old whisky. This whisky hits all the right notes of dark honey, leather, and lemony citrus, with a...

Peat & Smoke - Scottish Peat 375 ml


Odd Society is excited to launch our series of whiskies. made using different smoked malts.  Peat & Smoke - Scottish Peat: The peated malt introduces briny, salty, phenolic flavors, giving the whisky a characteristic briny...

Community Luppolo Brewing Co. Whisky Collaboration


Our Luppolo Brewing whisky is the second in our Community collaboration whiskies. Odd Society teamed up with Luppolo Brewing Co., located just a few blocks away in East Van.  The mash is loosely...

Maple Whisky 375 ml


Our maple is a combination of single malt whisky aged in ex-maple syrup barrels and single malt whisky that was made with maple wood smoked malt aged in ex-bourbon barrels....

Commodore Single Malt Whisky

from $31.30

Commodore honors tradition—beckoning back to a Scottish heritage. However, this refined spirit is distilled with 100% BC grown, malted barley. To that, it owes its distinctive peppery-sweetness, along with its...

Prospector Rye Whisky

from $29.56

Prospector is 100% Northern BC rye, transformed into liquid, steam, and back again. It is then coaxed into new, heavily charred American White Oak barrels. With a heady nose of...

Mongrel - Unaged Rye 750 ml - 50% ABV


Mongrel Unaged Spirit - 750ml Spirits like Mongrel were called white dog, white lightning or just plain ol’ moonshine during prohibition. We could call it whisky if it spent three...

Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

from $48.00

The Odd Society Old Fashioned recipe uses the Odd Society whisky of your choice with a plum and smoke house-made syrup, to create a delicious variation on this classic cocktail that's been...

Cherry Time Cocktail Kit


Who doesn't like the rich, unctuous taste of cherries? The Cherry Time cocktail kit highlights those flavors using Mixers and Elixirs' Cherry Thyme shrub. The kit contains: 1 bottle Prospector...