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Peat & Smoke - Washington Peat - Lightly Peated 375 ml


Odd Society is excited to launch our series of whiskies. made using different smoked malts.  Peat & Smoke - Washington Peat: Skagit Valley peat adds a smooth subtle smokiness to the...

Prospector Rye Whisky

from $29.56

Prospector is 100% Northern BC rye, transformed into liquid, steam, and back again. It is then coaxed into new, heavily charred American White Oak barrels. With a heady nose of...

Commodore Single Malt Whisky

from $31.30

Commodore honors tradition—beckoning back to a Scottish heritage. However, this refined spirit is distilled with 100% BC grown, malted barley. To that, it owes its distinctive peppery-sweetness, along with its...

Mongrel - Unaged Rye 750 ml - 50% ABV


Mongrel Unaged Spirit - 750ml Spirits like Mongrel were called white dog, white lightning or just plain ol’ moonshine during prohibition. We could call it whisky if it spent three...